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Turnstiles Highway Sign.jpeg

Turnstiles is the culmination of Rob Schellenberg’s decade-long dream of operating his own establishment in the bar/restaurant scene of Grand Rapids.


Throughout his 15 years in the service industry, Rob has worked his way up from Busser to Server to Bartender and then to Assistant Manager at several locally owned restaurants and bars in West Michigan. Through his roles, he’s had the opportunity to foster friendships with many of Grand Rapids’ local musicians and rising talent.

Rob's passion for music (after all, Turnstiles is named after his favorite Billy Joel album), his appreciation for the craft of creating a great cocktail, and his natural talent for bringing people together all converged to form the foundation of this establishment.

Our mission is to provide an eclectic selection of craft cocktails and bodacious bar food, within an atmosphere of friendly service, at a venue that pays homage to a wide array of musical talent.

We hope to see you soon!

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